Sunday, March 12, 2006

Due to public demand, the next chapter is...


Well, boys, I´ve seen that the most downloaded stuff has been the first CD of the Party sessions. It doesn´t mean that the other stuff is forgotten. The next posts will contain it. But the new readers must be happy too, so I´ll give you what you want before I go to work.

Oh yes, I almost forget....Thanks to the sonic pollutions blog for his present too. When I understand I´ll try to include some links like hans, sonic, pasttense, groovyfab,etc., that I love. But I suposse all of you know them already.

Anyway, here is the tracklist

Alternaty Party Album CD2

1. Satisfaction #2 2:12
2. Ruby Baby #2 2:35
3. Hully Gully #3 3:16
4. Satisfaction #3 2:06
5. Talk Between Sessions #7 1:19
6. Ruby Baby #3 3:27
7. Talk Between Sessions #8 1:09
8. Ruby Baby #4 3:16
9. I Should Have Known Better 2:46
10. Tell Me Why 1:23
11. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away 2:57
12. Talk Between Sessions #9 0:59
13. Little Deuce Coupe #2) 1:48
14. California Girls 2:26
15. Talk Between Sessions #10 2:05
16. Tell Me Why #2 1:38
17. I Should Have Known Better #3 1:54
18. Talk Between Sessions #11 1:07
19. Mountain Of Love #3 2:56
20. Devoted To You #1 1:29
21. Talk Between Sessions #12 1:41
22. Devoted To You #2 1:30
23. Devoted To You #3 1:31
24. Talk Between Sessions #13 2:10
25. Mountain Of Love #4 2:20
26. Talk Between Sessions #14 3:50
27. Mountain Of Love #5 2:49
28. Talk Between Sessions #15 1:06
29. Devoted To You #4 1:45
30. Devoted To You #5 3:00
31. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away #3 4:25

More songs, more mistakes and some talk while tuning. This box is perhaps one of the best box I´ve ever own. Enjoy it and remember....Please, close you eyes and listen in the dark. And if you want to play and sing along, you can!!!

Let´s make it!!


Blogger pixelmutt said...

Very very nice stuff! Thanks. I've got some alternate Beatles up on my new blog. Hope you're having as much fun as I am doing this....

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Sam Stone said...

How much obscure Beach Boys, Beatles or Rolling Stones can one listen to in a lifetime?
Do you guys really play this from time to time or is it just for the have?
(I ask myself many times when I come across these postings. How about you?)

5:30 AM  
Anonymous Peabody said...

This is fantastic stuff, I love it. I used to be a recording engineer and can picture what it was like being at those sessions. Keep it up buddy!

7:22 PM  

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