Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Hello again. It´s been a long time, boys. Well, here are all the singles by the original Hollies, before the Graham Nash departure, but now in pristine stereo sound. Enjoy them and send your comments!!

Parlophone R5030
(Ain't That) Just Like Me / Hey What's Wrong With Me (May 1963)
Parlophone R5052
Searchin / Whole World Over (August 1963)
Parlophone R5077
Stay / Now's The Time (November 1963)
Parlophone R5104
Just One Look / Keep Off Of That Friend Of Mine (February 1964)
Parlophone R5137
Here I Go Again / Baby That's All (May 1964)
Parlophone R5178
We're Through / Come On Back (September 1964)
Parlophone R5232
Yes I Will / Nobody (January 1965)
Parlophone R5287
I'm Alive / You Know He Did (May 1965)
Parlophone R5322
Look Through Any Window / So Lonely (August 1965)
Parlophone R5392
If I Needed Someone / I've Got A Way Of My Own (December 1965)
Parlophone R5409
I Can't Let Go / Running Through The Night (February 1966)
Parlophone R5469
Bus Stop / Don't Run And Hide (June 1966)
U.Artists UP1152
After The Fox (Film Track) / B Side Not By The Hollies (September 1966)
Parlophone R5508
Stop! Stop! Stop / It's You (October 1966)
Parlophone R5562
On A Carousel / All The World Is Love (February 1967)
Parlophone R5602
Carrie Anne / Signs That Will Never Change (May 1967)
Parlophone R5637
King Midas In Reverse / Everything Is Sunshine (September 1967)
Parlophone R5680
Jennifer Eccles / Open Up Your Eyes (March 1968)
Parlophone R5733
Listen To Me / Do The Best You Can (September 1968)

And Let´s make it!!!