Friday, March 31, 2006


Well boys, I´m very pleased for your comments, but I have to explain some things. I´m not Mark Linnett ;). I´m just a music collector. And yes, if you have got the sources, you could make stereo mixes. In fact, I do it. Take a stereo instrumental track, a stereo vocal track, the mono mix, and... voilá, you´ve made a stereo mix...more or less. You must sync them, change equalization, correct speed, etc. A lot of work. But you need a lot of mixes and a lot of time. You could use Pro Tools or Audacity (it´s free). But I´m just an apprencite. So, I picked up the different stereo mixes, already done, from here and there. My sources are:

-Beach Boys. Rarities and Stereo, fron unknow publisher
-Beach Boys. Today and Summer Days (Stereo Mix), from Sea of Tunes
-Various Stereo Mixes from a great unknown producer-fan, that are circulating on the net.

So thanks, but I´m not the unknowk and magical producer. As I said, I just compiled the best stereo mixes I coul find.

And I said you should normalize the archives before burnig, because they come from different sources and the volume is also different. And some tracks are a bit distorted. You could normalize with Nero, when you´re going to burn, and you could change equalization and avoid some distortion with Audacity.

So boys, download Audacity, and make your own mixes, the way you want them.

And Let´s make it.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


And if you liked the previous post....this will come too!!
Stay tuned and let´s make it.

THE BEACH BOYS TODAY! (stereo mix)

Well boys, here it is. The original album, but in a new form. Full dimensional stereo for you. I´ve compiled the best stereo mixes and I´m offering! I said "not only SEA OF TUNES MIXES" and it´s true. Download and you´ll see it.

1. Do you wanna dance
2. Good to my baby
3. Don´t hurt my little sister
4. When I grow up
5. Help me Rhonda
6. Dance, Dance, Dance
7. I´m so young
9. Kiss me baby
10. She knows me too well
11. In the back of my mind
12. Bull sessions

It took me a lot of time and work so...please, send your comments and post your opinion. And enjoy it!!

IMPORTANT: If you want to burn it perhaps you should normalize all the files. Listen first and change what you want.

Let´s make it!!!

Monday, March 27, 2006


If Capitol doesn´t release it, I´ll do....... The Stereo Today Album!!!! (Not only Sea Of Tunes mixes)

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Here is CD3 from The Alternate Party Album.

1. Alley Oop #3 6:53
2. There's No Other (Like My Baby) 5:02
3. Devoted To You #6 4:21
4. Talk Between Sessions #16 1:46
5. Hully Gully #4 2:20
6. Ruby Baby #5 2:11
7. Talk Between Sessions #17 2:32
8. Hully Gully #5 3:09
9. Ruby Baby #6 2:23
10. Talk Between Sessions #18 2:49
11. Hully Gully #6 3:31
12. Talk Between Sessions #19 2:26
13. Hully Gully #7 1:57
14. Hully Gully #8 2:25
15. Talk Between Sessions #20 1:30
16. Hully Gully #9 3:31
17. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away #4 5:20
18. The Times They're A-Changin' #1 3:49
19. Heart And Soul 0:49
20. Talk Between Sessions #21 1:32
21. The Times They're A-Changin' #2 1:55
22. Heart And Soul / Long Tall Sally 1:20
23. Smokey Joe's Cafe #1 2:26
24. Smokey Joe's Cafe #2 1:26
25. Barbara Ann 5:36

More great songs from our boys. Includes the great great Smokey Joe´s Cafe.

Send you comments and Let´s Make It!!

Friday, March 24, 2006


Well, boys. I´m here again. We continue with this post the Satanic Sessions Box. Now it´s time to cd3 Vol1. Like always, I post some extensive liner notes from I think these notes are very useful to understand and listen to the sessions.

"Fly My Kite take one"Charlie: "Ahh oh woo, wait a minute, do I, should I play on the intro? Not at all."
1. The Lantern: Take 1 (4:13) - The working title of this song is "Fly My Kite"! A short start and the first take is history. Acoustic and electric guitar in the left channel. Drums, bass, and piano in the right channel. There is a very slow and deliberate guitar arpeggio heard in the left channel with the main melody defined by the piano. No sound effects present. A sour note is hit at 4:02 and that's it for this one."Two"
2. The Lantern: Takes 2-3 (2:36) - Take two lasts around 25 seconds. A short tune-up and it time to roll take 3. Take 3 misses with one too many bridge sections and is put to an end. Musically in the same direction as the first take.
3. The Lantern: Takes 4-5 (4:49) - Take 4 lasts only a matter of seconds. The song begins to gel by the fifth take with more interaction between guitar and piano sections. Still no horns or sound effects at this stage as these takes look to be intended as the fundamental backing track. A complete take.Sound effects..."Ahh, well ahh, take ten"Keith: "One, two, a one, two, three, four..."
4. The Lantern: Take 10 (1:32) - An organ sound is added to this take, but its role in the musical arrangement is yet to be determined, and things are put to end quickly as Charlie misses a beat. "Eleven" Keith:"Your one late Charlie"Charlie: "Yeah"Keith: "Also ahh, Nicky"Nicky: "Yeah"Keith: "Can you ba...?"Keith: "Okay, one, two, one, two, three, four..."
5. The Lantern: Take 11 (1:57) - Just past the opening musical introduction and it's curtains for take 11. "No that's dodgy" "one, two, '(take) Twelve', one, two, three, four..." Restart: The organ is making it through these later takes but now level setting seems to be a bit of an issue added to dissonant notes at around 1:57."Fourteen"Keith: "One, two, one, two, three, four..."
6. The Lantern: Take 14 (5:02) - Technically, this take should have ended at 1:22 based on a musical error, but for some reason things are allowed to proceed with other musical errors in the organ playing to follow. Maybe the idea is just to see where this thing is going and how it's going to get there. The music ends at 4:19, and then restarts to complete an ending."Whistling""Fifteen""Right"Keith: "One, two, one, two, three, four..."
7. The Lantern: Takes 15-17 (3:10) - Take 15 lasts 5 seconds. "Sixteen", "One, two, one, two, three, four..." Take 16 is off and running until a sour note sneaks out of the Mellotron at 54 seconds. "Seventeen" ", "One, two, one, two, three, four..." There is clapping in the right channel. This take lasts until 2:15. "Seventeen" (Actually Eighteen) ", "One, two, one, two, three, four..." This take only lasts a matter of seconds. Backward playback sounds close CD track 10."One"
8. The Lantern: Retakes 1-3 (2:40) - Short acoustic guitar overdub attempts with an early take playback."Surprise Me take one"
9. On With The Show: Take 1-3 (3:26) - The working title of this song is "Surprise Me". Short false starts on the first two takes and then into the third try which develops into a instrumental take. The arrangement is quite complete with the Spanish style piano bridge and samba bass beat breaks."Four"
10. On With The Show: Take 4-6 (2:15) - Take four is a piano roll and that's it. Take 5 is a go until 1:05 when a Mellotron note goes awry. "Six"Take 6 goes for a minute and then a quick guitar tune-up to the keyboard takes place. "Seven"
11. On With The Show: Takes 7-10 (5:46) - The keyboard track is prominent in the left channel and then before you know it take seven comes to an end at 36 seconds. Take 8 is the most developed of this section of takes ending at 4:20 and lasting for nearly four minutes. Takes 9 and 10 never get off the ground.These stripped down tracks reveal a level of instrumental musicianship that is much more difficult to detect in the overproduced versions found on the commercial release. They are minus sound effects and vocal signal processing that tend to detract from the musical effort that is taking place.
12. On With The Show: Take 11 (3:55) - A creaky and quirky Mellotron dominates the melody of the track and mix. This is a full take of the song. Electric guitar and piano in the right channel with Mellotron and percussive sounds in the left channel. "Twelve"
13. On With The Show: Takes 12 & 14 (1:23) - Take 12 lasts 12 seconds and then suddenly "fourteen" is called out. There is no take 13 and maybe this is because they are superstitious about take 13's or they just lost count. Take 14 is also relatively short with someone calling out at the end "Keith, will you turn the Mellotron down on the headphones"."One"
14. In Another Land Chorus: Takes 1 & 2 (3:11) - This melodically sounds like Bill Wyman's unique In Another Land, but it is a clean sounding backing track. It has piano and acoustic guitar instead of the Harpsichord and tremolo effects. At 1:16Keith: "That's very...I'll tell you what's very funny about that break is Bill""Two "This is actually a much more listenable interpretation of the song than the one that ended up released and pathetically over produced. This is clearly an example of a track that may have been played and altered to the point where it lost some of the raw appeal apparent in this early take.At 3:05Keith: "No, it doesn't; Charlie's wrong" "Hah, I Know" Keith: "What""Five"
15. In Another Land Chorus: Takes 3&4 (4:35) - This is a more rhythmical take with Charlie filling more the voids that are present in this run-through. At 3:35Keith: "What happened? Why did you stop?"There is a lot of bass in the right channel on the take 4 restart. Maybe an adjustment in the mix between takes. "Five"Keith: "Where are you all stopping? On the D?"Charlie: "I don't know where that is""This'll be take 5"
16. In Another Land Chorus: Takes 5 - 14 (5:04) - The first take in CD track 5 is short and keyboard dominant, the second is very drum oriented with a prominent right channel mix. The takes that follow are short fragments that combine the keyboard and drum emphasis of the first two takes."Fifteen"Charlie: "Well you won't play it""All"
17. Majesty Honky Tonk: Takes 1& 2 (5:44) - Dreary organ playing in the left channel gives one the feeling of...silent picture horror movie music. Right channel in the breaks has a Beatlesque pop melody. What a combo! Well, boring and very unStones like. There is a complete take then a short false start. Conversation ensues amongst the band and includes the rare occasion of hearing Jagger's voice in these studio sessions.Charlie (whisper): "What's that voice?""Stu""Yeah""You got these signals back?""Three"
18. Majesty Honky Tonk: Take 3 (5:55) - The organ and piano riff with peppier tempo added to the piano breaks. And now...The dirge drone transformed into an uptempo dance version! Merry-go-round music! Strictly theme park 1967 style. The instrumental free for all is actually very much like "Between The Buttons" instrumentation. "Five""Four""Four""Right""I'm calling in the mechanic man"Charlie: "No, everything's gone dead on the phone""Calling in anything"Charlie: "It's, it's called dead man""Dead phone""Nothing on the cans"
19. Majesty Honky Tonk: Takes 4 -9 (4:18) - Organ in the left channel and piano and bass in the right. Take four breaks at 1:37. Take five only last until 2:02. Take six develops a bit more until it stops at 3:01 just shy of one minute. Seven goes to 3:22. Take eight lasts less than 8 seconds and nine lasts 9 seconds. Things just don't seem to be coming together on this sequence of takes.

And it´s in wma. format. Sorry for the audiophiles. Anyway, enjoy it.

Let´s make it!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Sorry for my last angry post. Anyway, enjoy STEREO PHIL SPECTOR. It´s so so great!!

And of course I wait for your comments. But you must understand that I have a life and a job and I´m not a rapidshare premium user, so I need a lot of time to upload files. I´m doing the best I can.

And now, back to the music. I´m working now in a binaural mix of PET SOUNDS (one channel: vocals; the other channel: instrumental), using the pet sounds sessions mixes, from Capitol, changing speed, doing a little sync.... This home made mix have remembered me one thing: DUOPHONIC PET SOUNDS. It´s a mix I´ve always wanted but nobody seems to have it, or share it. For those who don´t know what the hell is duophonic...well, it´s a Capitol fake stereo, made with the mono mix, with delay and changing equalization, released in 1966 and with Carl and the Passions in 1972. I´ve tried a home made mix but I need the original to have some reference. My duophonic home made mix is awful!!!

If you know something about this mix...or could share with me, I would be the happiest boy in this world. And if you want to listen my binaural mix of Pet Sounds when finished, let me know.

Now, I need you. Let´s make it!!


Well, boys. After a little problem with "they say this blog is spam", I'm back again, with very interesting stereo mixes from Phil Spector vaults, I picked here and there.

No tracklist, no cover, no comment. I am thinking if I should continue with this project. A very unpolite reader has said : more posts and less teasers. What do you think is this, boy? Go to a record shop and you will have all the post and CDs you want. I work and I have a life out of this blog. If I post some stuff it's for you. I have this music already. I wait for musical comments and I have this. Bufff....


Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I am not dead and Mr. Spector is coming to this party too...and in STEREO!!!

Stay tuned and you will see another raritie.

And those boys who are collecting the sessions box sets...Be patient!!

I saw today that CD2 from Satanic Sessions has been downloaded 1094 times. Very extrange. Congratulations for all our readers. Well, a lot of downloads, but few comments. Come on, share your feelings and opinions and all of us could learn something.

And of course, LETS MAKE IT!!!

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If you have not visited before reading this, you must do now. And you must do always that way. He´s my inspiration and without his blog, this blog wouldn´t exist. So, hanszun goes first.

I began this blog after discover "Spring" LP, being shared by Hans. Now he´s sharing it again. Because of that I give Hans a very little present (if Hans doesn´t have this unreleased song yet. If you have, well, the intention was good). Snowflakes!!


Well, boys. Our game haven´t had too much success, so I suposse what you really want is.... sing!!

Here it is CD2 Vol 1 of The Satanic Sessions by The Rolling Stones. Listen and perhaps we can sing along. is the perfect guide to this sessions so I have no much more to say about that.

Jagger: Flowers In Your Hair
What ?
Jagger: What?
Watts: Third time
Jagger: Flowers in Hair
Flowers in Your Hair right
Jagger: A Nicky...
Nicky Hopkins: Yeah?
Engineer: Flowers in Your Bonnet take one
Jagger: Like, like I la la la la la da, but you're on your own, you know
Nicky Hopkins: Yeah. I will...
Keith, just get the levels
Play it then
(Acoustic guitar strums)
Guitar is switched from a left channel mix to center
Hopkins: OK...
1. She's A Rainbow: Takes 1-2 (6:57) - The working title of She's A Rainbow is Flowers In Your Hair! Hopkins goes on to play the loveliest melodic piano lines imaginable. The piano in the left channel is running all through the song with variations not heard on the released version of the track. The trumpet like sound in the right channel is a keyboard and most likely the Mellotron with yet another sound setting selected.
2. She's A Rainbow: Takes 3-7 (5:14) - The timing and lingering of the opening piano notes... then in the right channel percussive effects and in the center of the track Mellotron. Acoustic guitar is added to the track and then suddenly take 3 is history. A Mellotron miss quickly ends take 4. Take 5, 6, & 7 are even shorter.
Got to work this one
All right then
OK, here we go
(Drum crashing)
3. Citadel: Takes 20-24 (7:37) - Note that the earlier release of the CD "requestandrequires" features takes 1 through 24. Take 20 starts with the opening drum crash the pinging sound effect comes on and then stop. Take 21 is off the ground with drum beats guitar and mandolin in the left channel. The take ends after about 2:20. Take 22 is short lived and then straight into 23 which also misses the mark. Take 24 makes it through an entire instrumental take.
You've got to start it Keith now
You start it now
Twenty Five
4. Citadel: Takes 25-31 (4:58) - Take 25 does not open with the drum beats and only lasts for 20 seconds or so. They have eliminated the opening drum piece since the previous set of takes. Jagger: Is it in tune? (the mandolin). 1... 2... 3... 4... take 27 is here and then it's gone. 28 is abruptly stopped by in its embryonic stages. 29 goes on for a short while and stops when a bridge is missed (not played). Takes 30 and 31 go by the wayside in no time.
Thirty Two
Jagger: You're going faster then Charlie
5. Citadel: Takes 32-33 (4:50) - Take 32 goes smoothly and lasts around 2:37 for nearly a complete take. Keith tunes his guitar in the right channel and take 33 begins and makes it for around another 1:30. Studio banter rounds out rest of the track.
6. Citadel: Take 34 (3:56) - Some of the guitar parts at around 2:15 are inconsistent but the take carries on. Lots of "pinging" sounds at 3:15 and the take closes out at 3:50.
7. Citadel: Added Piano (3:52) - A couple of different sounds are being tried out on this playback with added instrumentation. Piano is played in the center of the track during the verses. Harpsichord is added with the mandolin in the left channel during the chorus sections. At around 2:30 Mellotron is played in the left channel and develops the instrumental outro of the track.
8. In Another Land: Takes 1-3 (3:07) - The late great Nicky Hopkins develops the Harpsichord intro right before our very ears. He plays it twice and finds the right note and then a heavy bass comes into the right channel as the track develops. Drums also come in at 1:04 and then there is a pause and what may be a hammer Dulcimer is played in the left channel. Take 1 is a complete run-through and sets the structure for the song as we know it.
Are we putting it in this time Bill?
Second intro...
9. In Another Land: Takes 4-8 (3:08) - A start quick stop and restart. The take is stopped by the engineer and we are up to take 8 in no time. Take 8 makes good progress and the Mellotron sound is added as the song progresses. Keith is present in this session.
10. In Another Land: Take 9 (2:15) - Acoustic guitar heard in the left channel. A similar run-through to take 8 ensues. The take is again ended by the engineer.
11. Child Of The Moon: Take 10 (4:23) - This is the same take that appears on the CD's "R.S.V.P." on Turd on the Run (Digitally Remastered) and on Diamond Bucks (New Version). This is a great alternate take with melodic acoustic guitar and piano. "New Age" before it was fashion. Jagger can be heard at the beginning sounding out an early vocal before the piano comes in and drowns him out.
"Here we go, eleven"
12. Child of the Moon: Takes 11-12 (5:27) - Acoustic guitar in the left with Mellotron, drums come into the right channel and the take abruptly stops at 54 seconds. "Twelve"The restart begins in exactly the same way as take 11 except this one is a go with piano sending the track into full swing at 2:25. There are very distinct pauses that form instrumental bridges that are quite different from the commercially released version of the song. This take also retains the long melodic piano outro heard in take 10.
"Ahh, seven"
13. Sing This All Together: Take 7 (14:52) - Dour piano lines open this run through with the creaky sound effects interspersed. You also hear the Jagger count-in 1..2..3..4.. just before the opening guitar part as on track 1 of "Their Satanic Majesties Request". It is this particular take is the basis for the released track that opens the commercial release. There are very interesting psychedelic guitar breaks that have been edited out of the song as we know it. If you eliminate these forays into the nether world of psychedelica you have what sounds much like the opening version of Sing This All Together. At 1:38 we hear the first "departure" from the body of the track. Very heavy psych guitar probably state of the art as far as these things go. At 2:31 Keith plays a short melody that is similar to Goin' Home when Jagger starts singing the sha la la's. At 3:27 things shift back into the main melody of the song. There is a second instrumental break at 4:40 which is the one used on the released version of the song. It replaces the guitar break at 1:38. A third and new instrumental piece starts at 6:48. This is a very distorted guitar being flutter picked. From here it goes into a rhythm is closer to that played in Sing This All Together (See What Happens). The free form jam goes on until 11:15 when a slow chord sequence passage begins and the mood of the song shifts to high REM dream stage.
14. Sing This All Together: Intro (1:32) - This is the keyboard work out for the introduction to Sing This All Together (See What Happens). There are multiple short takes. It's a little frustrating because he never quite gets it, and you are just left without ever hearing the notes as we know them. Probably Nicky Hopkins on the quirky Mellotron.

And yes, here are the Citadel lyrics. Come on and sing as loud as you can!!

Men at arms shout "Who goes there?"
We have journeyed far from here
Armed with bibles make us swear
Candy and Cathy we hope you both are well
Please, come see me, in the Citadel
Flags are flying dollar bills
From the heights of concrete hills
You can't see the pinnacles
Candy and Cathy we hope you both are well
Please, come see me, in the Citadel
In the streets of many walls
Here the peasants come and crawl
You can hear their numbers called
Candy and Cathy we hope you both are well
Please, come see me, in the Citadel
Screaming people fly so fast
In their shiny metal cars
Through the woods of steel and glass
Candy and Cathy we hope you both are well
Please, come see me, in the Citadel
Oh well...

Let´s make it!!

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Just a fast post for those who can´t open the files. You need a software called WinRar. It´s like WinZip. You can download it free somewhere in the net. Please try to find it. If that problem continues I´ll try to use WinZip. If there are more readers with this problem, please let me know here.

And, wma. format coud be converted to mp3. with another software called Musicmacht Jukebox. It´s free too.

But according with the number of downloads and comments, it seems few readers are having these problems. Anyway, sorry. I know how frustrating it is. If the problem continues I´ll find a solution.

Before posting the next chapters about our sessions box sets, I suggest a game. You´ve listened the stereo mix. But, what about mono? Now, here it is the original 1967 UK mono mix of Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles. Don´t search in the web, don´t read any book. Just listen and find the differences. Send a comment and help the rest of readers to enjoy it.

No need of tracklist, boys.

And those of you who know and love this mono mix....come on, give beginners a chance.

Blogger don´t let me upload the cover so download yourself. Any help about this technical problem will be thanked.

Let´s make it!!

Dont worry, boys. All the started series (Pet Sounds, Party, Satanic) will continue in the next posts. You have sended some comments that make me think you prefer this series to be finished, before posting other music. Well, thats no problem. So little by little, this series will be finished.

About this series, someone asked about the number of CDs:

Pet Sounds Sessions- 8 cds (including Sloop John B. Sessions)
Satanic Sessions- 8 cds (including parts of the soundtrack by Brian Jones)
Party Sessions- 4 cds (including the stereo mix of the Party Album)

And that leads me to another idea. Stereo mixes. I have mentioned that I have some interesting material about Phil Spector, The Beatles and Rolling Stones in Stereo. It will be posted too. For example:

Phil Spector unreleased sessions and a stereo compilation of Hits produced by Phil.
All the oldest Beatles albums in stereo
Rolling Stones stereo rarities and a lot of stereo backing tracks
And of course, stereo mixes of Today, Summer Days, Smiley Smile and Surfin Safari, by the Beach Boys.

Someone asked about the SMiLE stereo reconstruction by Purple Chick. Yes, Hanszun wrote a post about that in February. I dont know if his megaupload link works. Anyway, Ive got this CD too, so dont worry.

But, that its too much music and I have not much time, so you must be patient. While waiting, you can buy some official releases. Official releases are, at least, as good as bootlegs. And we need also the official to compare with the bootleg, dont we?

Lets make it!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


We´ve started some series (Pet Sounds, Party, Satanic), and we´ve talked about some other stuff by the Beatles or Phil Spector or The Byrds.

I need your opinion. What should be the next chapter of this blog?

Yes, you decide. Do it, and Let´s make it.

Due to public demand, the next chapter is...


Well, boys, I´ve seen that the most downloaded stuff has been the first CD of the Party sessions. It doesn´t mean that the other stuff is forgotten. The next posts will contain it. But the new readers must be happy too, so I´ll give you what you want before I go to work.

Oh yes, I almost forget....Thanks to the sonic pollutions blog for his present too. When I understand I´ll try to include some links like hans, sonic, pasttense, groovyfab,etc., that I love. But I suposse all of you know them already.

Anyway, here is the tracklist

Alternaty Party Album CD2

1. Satisfaction #2 2:12
2. Ruby Baby #2 2:35
3. Hully Gully #3 3:16
4. Satisfaction #3 2:06
5. Talk Between Sessions #7 1:19
6. Ruby Baby #3 3:27
7. Talk Between Sessions #8 1:09
8. Ruby Baby #4 3:16
9. I Should Have Known Better 2:46
10. Tell Me Why 1:23
11. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away 2:57
12. Talk Between Sessions #9 0:59
13. Little Deuce Coupe #2) 1:48
14. California Girls 2:26
15. Talk Between Sessions #10 2:05
16. Tell Me Why #2 1:38
17. I Should Have Known Better #3 1:54
18. Talk Between Sessions #11 1:07
19. Mountain Of Love #3 2:56
20. Devoted To You #1 1:29
21. Talk Between Sessions #12 1:41
22. Devoted To You #2 1:30
23. Devoted To You #3 1:31
24. Talk Between Sessions #13 2:10
25. Mountain Of Love #4 2:20
26. Talk Between Sessions #14 3:50
27. Mountain Of Love #5 2:49
28. Talk Between Sessions #15 1:06
29. Devoted To You #4 1:45
30. Devoted To You #5 3:00
31. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away #3 4:25

More songs, more mistakes and some talk while tuning. This box is perhaps one of the best box I´ve ever own. Enjoy it and remember....Please, close you eyes and listen in the dark. And if you want to play and sing along, you can!!!

Let´s make it!!

It seems that we are more than one or two in this blog. A lot of people made comments and downloaded this lovely music. I want to thank specially Hanszun and The Groovy Fab, which are two examples of what I want to do. And Hanszun, thanks a lot for your present. I hope your readers think the same.

This weekend I have post a lot (because it´s a weekend). During the week I must work, so the new releases will take a bit of time.

Remember that we must continue our sessions series (Pet Sounds, Party, Satanic) and The Beatles are recording Rock n´Roll in Twickenham and Abbey Road, Phil Spector is making stereo mixes of his songs, and perhaps we´ll see a battle of the bands between The Beatles and the Rolling Stones (Pepper in mono vs. Satanic in mono). Who will win?

So be patient and let´s make it!!

(Yeah, we´re making it already)

Lets make it


We are in 1965. Brian Wilson is composing and recording parts of Pet Sounds but Capitol wants a new album for Christmas. Who gave the idea? Mike Love? (he says that) or Brian? Personally I think the idea of an unplugged album came from Brian. No new songs, no studio musicians. An album easy and fast to made and.....we have a number one on billboard!!!

The Beach Boys play all the instruments (with a little help on percussion and Dean Torrence of Jan and Dean singing Barbara Ann) and sing a lot of oldies. With relax and in a few days, they recorded an entire album and could choose what songs should be out. Yes it´s a 60´party, so call your friends and girlfriends, have some chat and sing your favourite oldies.

Always underrated, this album and these sessions cacht the 60´s spirit. Have a good time and nothing else matters! Why should the songs be perfect? Why should you remeber all the lyrics? You dont need to be a virtuous musician. Its just a party....


1. Tuning Up 1:47
2. I Should Have Known Better #1 2:30
3. Ruby Baby #1 2:14
4. Satisfaction #1 2:16
5. Hully Gully #1 2:03
6. Blowin' In The Wind 3:12
7. Talk Between Sessions #1 4:44
8. Little Deuce Coupe #1 3:19
9. Mountain Of Love #1 3:52
10. Little Deuce Coupe #1 2:37
11. Mountain Of Love #1 5:26
12. Mountain Of Love #2 2:30
13. Talk Between Sessions #3 1:03
14. Ticket To Ride 1:33
15. Riot In The Cell Block No.9 #2 4:56
16. Bob Dylan Parody #1 (Laugh At Me) 2:34
17. One Kiss Led To Another 3:44
18. Bob Dylan Parody #2 (She Belongs To Me / I Got You Babe) 2:50
19. Talk Between Sessions #4 1:27
20. Riot In The Cell Block No.9 #3 1:29
21. Talk Between Sessions #5 1:42
22. Diary 2:19
23. Unknown Piano Piece 1:13
24. Alley Oop #1 4:56
25. Alley Oop #2 2:47
26. Talk Between Sessions #6 1:38
27. Hully Gully #2 3:28
THE SATANIC SESSIONS by The Rolling Stones

Today it´s a good good day. We have discover that this blog has more than one reader. Thanks to all of you for your support (and Hanszun, thanks to you too for include my comment with my blog).

First of all we have to give SAMO what he wants. Here is the first Cd from the Rolling Stones Satanic Sessions. Excellent stereo sound and an album to make.

This detailed tracklist has been taken from

Vol. 1 CD 1
1. 2000 Light Years From Home (2:04) - A short run-through of the song that is missing the opening sound affects heard on the released version of the tune. A simple arrangement with only a distorted guitar riff, drums and bass line. Ends abruptly. Jagger once said that the words to this song were written while he was in jail after the Redlands bust.
Everybody in then...Take 1...Title 12 we'll call it.
2. 2000 Light Years From Home: Take 1 (4:09) - The working name of this song revealed: Title 12! There is much more instrumentation on this take. Brian Jones on Mellotron, with the rest of the band filling in on guitar, drums, bass, and maracas. One of the chord changes is missed on the Mellotron at 1:58 (Jones pauses for a second). There is quite a bit of improvised drumming at the end.
Toffee Apple...Take 2
3. 2000 Light Years From Home: Takes 2-4 (3:32) - There are two false starts. Jagger is having trouble getting a feel for the tempo..."That is very hard to do, no tempo...I'll try again".
4. 2000 Light Years From Home: Takes 5-6 (5:10) Take 5 starts and quickly stops. There is a problem with take 6 at 2:30 when the Mellotron stops. Maybe they are just experimenting with handing off the melody line to only the guitar. For the first time we hear the guitar "bonging" sound at the outro.
5. 2000 Light Years From Home: Takes 7-10 (3:51) Take 7 & 8 never get past the intro. Jagger: " your holding that've got to end it on that chording or else that minor". On take 10 there is a false start on a chord change at 3:14. Jagger's not happy with the take and stops the song.
Take 11...
6. 2000 Light Years From Home: Take 11 (2:26) Hesitations by both the guitar and Mellotron players on this take after the 1:53 minute point. Jagger: Hey, why don't you turn...Yeah give a Brian a note though....what?
7. 2000 Light Years From Home: Takes 12-13 (2:21) A good take, but a rough spot at the bridge and then a sour note and take 13 comes to an end.
8. 2000 Light Years From Home: Takes 14-15 (5:31) Take 14 stops abruptly after a short run-through. Take 15 is taking shape as the track that may be the basis for what was commercially released. It's simpler though, but if you add the sound effects ("saucer sounds" etc..) this is it. Richards puts a long pick scrape in at the end. There is a short playback heard at the end of this CD track that being played at much slower tempo.
9. 2000 Light Years From Home: Retakes 3 & 4 (2:30) Playbacks at noticeably slower speed. The final piece is played at correct speed and fills out the track. The intent of these playbacks seems to be overdubbing of additional guitar parts.
Gold we begun. Right...Jazz 67.
Hang-on Mick. (Coughing)
One...Part One.
Richards counts in the song: One,, two, three, four...
10. 5 Part Jam - Part 1: Takes 1-2 (3:17) Acoustic guitar and piano track. The chord run is similar to Something Happened to Me Yesterday, but not exactly the same. It's not "Stonesy", but neither is TSMR!
Three...three right
11. 5 Part Jam - Part 1: Takes 3-5 (3:17) Take 3 ends after less than a minute when the piano is lost. The guitar player misses a chord change on take 4 and it stops. Take 5 shapes out most the rest of the track.
Richards: He's not ready yet, you ready?
Part 5, take 1, no I wasn't
12. 5 Part Jam - Part 5: Takes 1-3 (3:05) This is sounding quite a bit different than CD tracks 10 & 11, and I question if there is any relationship at all. There is reverb on the piano and the track has a very produced sound to it...almost Oldham Orchestra like.
Part 4, Take 1...
13. 5 Part Jam - Part 4: Takes 1-10 (5:07) This track is sounding closer to the original acoustic demos (CD tracks 10-11) except with electric guitar instead of acoustic. There is a pause and wah effect is added.
You can't hear anything
All right everybody
Take 11
14. 5 Part Jam - Part 4: Takes 11-15 (5:26) More "wah" takes of the song".
Sorry Mick, one more, just one
Six, Part 3, take 1...
One, two, three, four...
15. 5 Part Jam - Part 3: Takes 1-5 (3:45) This sound very much like a separate bridge section that is being recorded in order to be spliced in with other sections of the song (hence all the "Part" titles). It's piano and a simple quarter note bass line.
New Take 1...
16. 5 Part Jam - Part 2: Takes 1-5 (2:24) Yet another evolution of a common theme, this time with a heavier distorted guitar. Repeats with the same short "section" take.
The evolution of "Title 12" is very interesting, especially the Brian Jones' work on the Mellotron. Perhaps the most revealing aspect of this disc is the fact that the band is clearly experimenting with "song construction" rather than playing as a band or producing baseline tracks to build the recording on. Haven't come across any other evidence of this in any of their other session work.
Fifteen, right...
17. We Love You: Takes 15-16 (6:11) - The musical genius of Brian Jones is once again displayed on the skillful playing of the Mellotron on this track. The guy has really mastered the instrument as his playing on 2000 Light Years from Home has also revealed. Note that the alternate take of this song found on the "Time Trip Vol. 4" CD is take 4 and quite different musically than these later takes. There are no "foot stomping and door clanking" sound effects at this stage in the song.
Ahhh, seventeen
18. We Love You: Takes 17-19 (3:35) - We Love You has been the musical influence of a couple significant groups including the vocal melody on Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion from "Toys In The Attic" (April, 1975) and a variation on the musical melody on Paul McCartney & Wings Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five from the "Band On The Run" LP (December, 1973). McCartney along with Lennon sang backing vocals on the original Stones version of We Love You. Take 17 is short lived and the band dives straight in to take 18. None of these takes ever gets off the ground.

Read it and listen the CD. It´s the way to understand and enjoy this music.

Stay tuned for more releases and Let´s make it!!!

And don´t forget to send your comments. SAMO did it and here is a present for him.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Well, boys. SAMO is our first reader. Because of that, the next post will be the first CD of the 8 cds collection "The Satanic Sessions". This box contains a lot of hours of sessions from "Their Satanic Majesties Request" album, by The Rolling Stones, and part of the sountrack that Brian Jones composed.

But it´s important to say that these sessions are only instrumental, they don´t have vocal recordings. Perhaps too exhaustive, but historical.

We don´t want to lose this reader so we´ll try to make him happy.

And remember that "The Alternate Party Album" and the rest of the cds fron "The Alternate Pet Sounds Album" by The Beach Boys are coming to this blog too!!

And lots of more stuff that will interest all of you!!

Let´s make it!!

One of the best cd´s of this box. We can listen to the Trombone Dixie, Pet Sounds and Wouldn´t It Be Nice sessions. Brian gives a lot of instructions ant the songs grow and grow. Pristine stereo sound. Don´t lose the sessions that make history!!

Here is the track list:

1. Trombone Dixie (takes 1-6) 4:09
2. Trombone Dixie (take 7) 2:39
3. Trombone Dixie (takes 8-9) 5:22
4. Talking and tuning before session 0:57
5. Pet Sounds (takes1-2) 4:25
6. Pet Sounds (1st instrumental insert) 2:53
7. Pet Sounds (2nd instrumental insert) 2:53
8. Pet Sounds (1st Mono Mix) 2:48 *
9. Wouldn't It Be Nice (takes 1-6) 4:09
10. Wouldn't It Be Nice (take 7) 2:45
11. Wouldn't It Be Nice (take 8) 1:24
12. Wouldn't It Be Nice (takes 9-10) 1:51
13. Wouldn't It Be Nice (take 11) 2:35
14. Wouldn't It Be Nice (takes 12-15) 3:34
15. Wouldn't It Be Nice (take 16) 2:57
16. Wouldn't It Be Nice (takes 17-20) 2:57
17. Wouldn't It Be Nice (1st vocal overdub) 2:43
18. Wouldn't It Be Nice (2nd vocal overdub) 2:43
19. Wouldn't It Be Nice (3rd vocal overdub) 2:43
20. Wouldn't It Be Nice (alternate vocal mix) 2:38
21. Wouldn't It Be Nice (alternate vocal mix) 2:38
22. Wouldn't It Be Nice (alternate vocal mix) 2:37
23. Wouldn't It Be Nice (alternate vocal mix) 2:38

And here the link:

And please, please, send your comments.


After the failure of the SMiLE album, The Beach Boys released in 1967 Smiley Smile. They used a few part of the sections that they have recorded for SMiLE and re-recorded new sections and changed the spirit and the style of the SMiLE concept. Smiley Smile was also a failure, but I think it´s time to re-listen to it. In his own style, it´s a great album, lo-fi perhaps, but as weird and psychedelic as SMilE itself. Here are most of the re-recorded sections, recorded at Brian´s home studio, and in stereo!!!


All tracks are stereo, except * indicated are mono.

1. Wonderful (take 1) 2:25 *
2. Wonderful (takes 4 & 5) 2:30 *
3. Wonderful (vocal overdub attempts) 1:05
4. Wonderful (vocal & instrumental overdub) 2:24
5. Wonderful (1st vocal overdub) 2:24
6. Wonderful (2nd vocal overdub) 2:23
7. Wind Chimes (takes 1 & 2) 2:30 *
8. Wind Chimes (vocal overdub attempt) 1:37
9. Wind Chimes (vocal overdub attempt) 1:35
10. Wind Chimes (instrumental insert) 2:34
11. Wind Chimes (instrumental insert) 1:38
12. Wind Chimes (insert take 2) 2:17
13. Wind Chimes (vocal inserts) 1:46
14. Wind Chimes (vocal rehearsals fade sequence) 2:34
15. Wind Chimes (vocal rehearsals fade sequence) mono/stereo 5:37
16. Wind Chimes (fade sequence takes 1-3) 2:34 *
17. Wind Chimes (fade sequence take 11) 0:53 *
18. Vegetables (bass rehearsal) 0:56 *
19. Vegetables (bass track) 2:17 *
20. Vegetables (bass & piano track) 2:38
21. Vegetables (1st vocal overdub) 2:20
22. Vegetables (2nd vocal overdub) 2:17
23. Vegetables (instrumental insert) 2:18
24. She's Goin' Bald (section 1 - take 1) 0:51
25. She's Goin' Bald (section 1 - backing track) 0:58
26. She's Goin' Bald (section 1 - 1st vocal overdub) 1:36
27. She's Goin' Bald (section 1 - 2nd vocal overdub) 1:36
28. She's Goin' Bald (section 1 - studio mix) 1:36
29. She's Goin' Bald (section 2 - take 1) 0:24 *
30. She's Goin' Bald (section 2 - take 2) 0:44
31. She's Goin' Bald (section 3 - takes 1 & 2) 0:49 *
32. She's Goin' Bald (section 3 - backing track) 0:55
33. She's Goin' Bald (section 3 - 1st vocal overdub) 0:54
34. She's Goin' Bald (section 3 - 2nd vocal overdub) 0:55
35. Getting Hungry (rehearsals) 4:32
36. Getting Hungry (takes 1 & 2) 1:21
37. Getting Hungry (vocal overdubs) 0:59
38. With Me Tonight (vocal rehearsals intro) 1:55 *
39. With Me Tonight (vocal overdub intro) 0:43

Come on, boys, give Smiley Smile a chance...

And here it´s the link:


The Alternate Pet Sounds Album Vol1 CD2
The Alternate Party Album CD1
Smiley Smile in Stereo
Satanic Sessions by the Rolling Stones
Get Back Sessions by The Beatles - The Rock n´Roll Medleys

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I promised and here it is. And remember, only 30 days.

The official Pet Sounds sessions box was really good. In fact, it was perfect and very listenable. This box is quite different, most exhaustive and requires more attention. The mixes are totally different, with this lovely "sea of tunes stereo". No highlights. We find here most of the instrumental and vocal takes and with the full creative process.

Close your eyes. You are in Western Studios. The session is going to begin. Brian is with Chuck Britz and they will guide the musicians to make the perfect take. This CD is really a compilation of these takes and sessions. Wait for the next posts and you´ll understand what I mean. The best will come in the next posts.

And your comments and support are very important.

Please let me know if you´re interested in this stuff or you want another. I know that write a comment is hard. What can I say? "Thanks" is enough. And "This stuff is old, do you have more music?" is enough too.

I like all 60´s pop and rock, english or american.

Send your comments and we could make a nice trip through the 60´s.

Today, we will see the first link.
As I said, it will be THE ALTERNATE PET SOUNDS ALBUM, VOL. 1 CD. 1
Perhaps, it´s the less interesting cd from this box but it´s the first, an we must go little by little.
Here is the track list:

1. Wouldn't It Be Nice (take21/master take) 2:37
2. Wouldn't It Be Nice (mono mix) 2:25 *
3. You Still Believe In Me (take23/master take) 2:36
4. You Still Believe In Me (stereo mix) 2:35
5. That's Not Me (take15/master take) 2:53 *
6. That's Not Me (harmony vocal overdub) 2:38
7. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) (take# unknown/master take) 3:08 *
8. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) (string overdub) 3:10
9. I'm Waiting For The Day (take14/master take) 3:17
10. I'm Waiting For The Day (3rd vocal insert) 3:14
11. Let's Go Away For A While (take18/master take) 3:07
12. God Only Knows (take20/master take) 3:40
13. God Only Knows (alternate mix) 2:37 *
14. Hang On To Your Ego (take12/ master take) 3:41
15. I Know There's An Answer (vocal overdub) 3:27
16. Here Today (take 11/master take) 3:30
17. Here Today (vocal overdub by the band) 3:30
18. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (take 6/master take) 3:57
19. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (vocal stereo mix) 3:24
20. Pet Sounds (take 3/master take) 2:48
21. Pet Sounds (2nd mono mix) 2:54 *
22. Caroline No (take 17/master take) 3:05
23. Caroline No (vocal overdub) 2:52
24. Trombone Dixie (takes 10/11) 5:12

Wait and see. The next post will have the link and the artwork.
Let´s make it!!!
Well, boys...are you interested in some of the sea of tunes beach boys sessions or alternate albums?
Please let me know.
We could remember the Party album, Pet Sounds, Smile, Smiley Smile... only closing our eyes and imagining that we are in the studio, with brian, the boys, and the session musicians.
And in the next chapter....

Well, here it is another 60´s blog. Stay tuned and you will see a few sessions by the beach boys, the beatles, phil spector, the byrds.....
And as Brian Wilson said.....Let´s make it!!!
Perhaps this stuff is old and all of you interested in it have heard it already. Anyway let me know and I´ll post another stuff.
And sorry for my english. It isn´t as good as should be but I think it´s as good as we need.
In the beginning.....