Saturday, January 19, 2008


Well, it´s a very slow return, but at least, it´s a return. Here it is!! The newest SMiLE issue..Sea Of Tunes Source Tape. Almost all, began here. Just for completists, it´s not an intoduction for SMiLE. If you are looking for extra takes, if you love and study´s your CD. Leave your comments, or my return will be more slow....;)
Vale, está siendo un regreso muy lento, pero al fin y al cabo es un regreso. Aquí teneis la cinta de la que originalmente se editaron las SMiLE Sessions de Sea Of Tunes. Aquí empezó todo, el examen más serio y detallado de SMiLE. Y claro, se quedaron cosas fuera, que aquí encontrareis: tomas y sesiones extra, más musica, más instrucciones. Quizá no sea mucho, pero en el mundo de SMiLE cualquier cosa nueva nos ha de sacar una sonrisa. A disfrutar y a valorarlo como se merece!! Y dejad vuestros comentarios, porque si no mi regreso será todavía más lento y ya veis que tengo mucho que ofrecer.
The following is from the liner note from this CD:The Sea Of Tunes series of Beach Boys bootleg CD's hit the collectors market by storm in the late 1990s. Never before had the casual fan had such an inside perspective on the process that built the Beach Boys biggest hits. These landmark releases allowed fans to be flies on the wall of the studios where Brian Wilson called the shots. No title was more anticipated than the legendary SMiLE sessions; whereas other Sea Of Tunes releases gave fans a different perspective on an already fully realised album, the SMiLE box set did more: it offered clues and tantalising keys to the ultimate puzzle that is the Beach Boys' most ambitious and elusive work. Today, oddities such as the "Rock Me, Henry" version of Wonderful recorded in January, the early versions of Wind Chimes and Child Is Father Of The Man, and the mysterious Vega Tables argument session are firmly etched in the SMiLE legend, but before 1999, no one could have imagined their existence. No one, that is, except the lucky few who happened to score a copy of one of the exclusive tapes that made the rounds prior to the bootleg release. The music on this CD is taken from one of those tapes. Most of it has now been made obsolete by the cleaner, more comprehensive Sea Of Tunes box set, but nevertheless it is interesting to hear it in this context. And, if you listen closely, you just might hear a few things you've never heard before; for example, takes 8 - 10 of Fire, extra takes of Child Is Father Of The Man and Wonderful, a session excerpt from Friday Night / I Wanna Be Around, and the complete backing track to Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine.
Let´s make it!!