Saturday, April 22, 2006


Here are some tracks I´ve picked here and there. All of them are rare or alternative stereo mixes from a band we love. The image is a clue. Download now, before our rapidshare friends delete the archive.

The started box sets series will continue, but now, enjoy this offering. And go to and a party I started will be finished.

Hard times for blogs but Let´s make it!!!

And please, now more than ever, send your comments.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


You´ve seen it. This site has been attacked and all our links deleted. Well, I can´t fight against this invisible enemy, so, boys, you should stay tuned and download as fast as you can. Here is a present from a german fan, friend of this blog. He said: put this link in the blog and other fans will download it. It is the spirit I want from you. We love music and we could share it and help each other. So, A BIG BIG THANK FOR BEACH-BOYS FAN_MUC, for sharing a different Pet Sounds stereo mix. You could judge this mix and say it´s good or not, but anyway, I could assure you something: this CD is really really rare. Only for that, you should download it.

LET´S MAKE IT!!! (oh, oh, hard times are coming.....)

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Well, boys, I´m back again. You´ve heard about the Get Back Sessions by The Beatles.....usually bad. Are you tired of hearing the same Get Back songs one time and one time again? I present here some rock and roll medleys. Perhaps you knew that this songs were played, but you haven´t listened them yet. So, now it´s time to rock!! Not the best performances, but...come on boys, they are The Beatles!!! I´m sure you will enjoy it!

Tracklist in the back cover. A lot of songs, isn´t it?

Please send your comments and Let´s make it!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


At last!! Here it is, boys. No need of tracklist. The original Beach Boys Album, in stereo. As I said in the last post, I didn´t make all the mixes, but I think you can enjoy the same :).

Some readers said that the last songs in Alternate Party CD3 are damaged. Well, it´s true. But unfortunately, I´ve got them damaged too. Be patient and I will post the Party Album in Stereo, but extended, with these songs fixed.

And for those that don´t believe in God. Well, at least I´ve found Paradise on Earth. Go to and you will understand what I say.....

God bless the blogs!
Let´s make it!!!